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Hardwood Floors Care


Maintaining your Hardwood Floors

A few preventive measures can preserve a beautiful finish and keep maintenance to a minimum. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop at least weekly. Dirt, grit and sand act like sandpaper to scratch, dent and dull hardwood floors.


Cleaning your Hardwood Floors

1) Sweep with a dust mop over entire surface.

2) For routine cleaning use a mild detergent with water and mop entire surface and dry excess water immediately.

3) For detailed cleaning use 10 parts water to 1 part distilled vinegar as a cleaning solution.


Preventive Care

1) Do not place plants that could leak on the floor surface, this could cause staining and swelling of wood.

2) Put foam adhesive on bottom of furniture, and legs of furniture to prevent scratching.

3) Pet’s nails could cause scratching on surface of floors


Don’ts For Hardwood Floors

Don’t use any of the following products or similar products on your floors: ammonia, Fantastik, Formula 409, powdered all-purpose cleaner, Endust, Pledge, Mop ‘n Glo, Murhpy’s Oil Soap or other polishes.

Remember that cleats, sports shoes and high heels can dent any floor surface.

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